Dental sealants or fissure sealants are an excellent way to protect your teeth. This treatment is specifically designed to protect the large chewing surfaces of back teeth. If you take a look inside your mouth, you will see these chewing surfaces are quite intricate. They have lots of grooves and fissures that help grind up food but which are tricky to keep clean. These grooves and fissures can easily trap food and bacteria, eventually resulting in tooth decay.

What Are Dental Sealants?
Dental sealants are made from a special type of plastic material. This material is designed to be flowable during application so it can fill in all the tiny grooves and fissures in your teeth. Once hardened, it creates a very thin layer of plastic that is similar to the material used to fill teeth. The layer of dental sealant is virtually invisible and will not interfere with your bite. Dental sealants completely seal the surface of a tooth and this prevents any bacteria from causing tooth decay. They are hard wearing and long-lasting and this treatment is non-invasive and completely painless.

A great video about Dental Sealants.

Preventative Dentistry for Children
Our local dentist here at Avery’s Creek Family Dentistry often suggests using dental sealants to protect children’s teeth. We frequently apply dental sealants to a child’s newly erupted adult back teeth, protecting and preserving these teeth. This can be a great treatment that will help them grow up with strong, cavity-free teeth.

Why Use Dental Sealants on a Child’s Milk Teeth?
If your child’s milk teeth have deep grooves that are tricky to keep clean, dental sealants could protect them. Sealing their milk teeth will make it easier to keep them clean, preventing tooth decay. Even though these teeth are temporary, it is important to protect and preserve them until they are ready to fall out naturally. It can create problems if milk teeth are lost too soon and childhood tooth decay can be a real issue. Although we can place a tooth filling in baby or milk teeth, a preventative approach is always preferable. As a family-oriented practice, we want our youngest patients to have a positive experience when visiting us. Keeping their teeth strong and healthy will help them grow up without fears or phobias.  We want them to enjoy coming to see us!

Teeth Sealants on Asheville Family.

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Using Dental Sealants on Adult’s Teeth
If your back teeth are healthy and strong and do not have any fillings, you may be suitable for treatment. Unfortunately, we cannot use dental sealants on teeth that have cavities or fillings. Sometimes it is possible to use dental sealants on teeth that have tiny lesions that haven’t yet developed into cavities. Sealing these teeth can prevent tooth decay from progressing any further, but it is rare we can use treatment in this way.

If you are interested in dental sealants for anyone in your family, please contact us here at Avery’s Creek Family Dentistry. We can soon schedule an appointment with our local dentist office.

What Is the Procedure for Having Dental Sealants?
Treatment is incredibly simple and can be completed by our local dentist during one comfortable visit. You do not need any local anesthetic to have dental sealants. Firstly, your teeth will need to be cleaned and the tooth surfaces are etched with a special liquid. This creates a slightly rougher tooth surface that helps the dental sealant to bond to your tooth. Once the etching fluid has been removed and the tooth is dried, the sealant is painted on to the tooth. We can use a special light to harden the sealant, or it will soon harden naturally. That’s all that is required! Once your dental sealants are in place, you can simply get on with your everyday life.

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How Long Will Treatment Last?
Your dental sealants should last for quite a few years before they become worn or chipped. Our dentist will assess the condition of your sealants during checkups or your dental cleaning. If necessary, we can replace your dental sealants. Treatment is quick and inexpensive and will help keep your back teeth healthy and strong.

We often suggest dental sealants as part of a preventative dental care plan. This is something we provide for every patient who visits us here at Avery’s Creek Family Dentistry. It’s just one way we can protect your teeth as we want you to enjoy them for life.

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Dental sealants are used to protect the large flat chewing surfaces of adult back teeth. Treatment is quick, cost-effective and long-lasting, but can only beused on teeth without decay or fillings.

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