Digital dental x-rays are an invaluable way for our dentist here at Avery’s Creek Family Dentistry to visualize areas of your mouth hidden from view. They are extremely safe and only emit very low levels of radiation. The benefits of having digital dental x-rays far outweigh the tiny risks. We take a great deal of care to make sure our digital x-ray equipment is properly maintained and serviced. Please don’t worry if you need dental x-rays. Our dental team will make sure you are properly protected whenever an x-ray is being taken. Your health and safety is always our top priority and dental x-rays are an important part of our dental services.
Why Would I Need Digital Dental X-Rays?
Most adults with reasonable dental health will need a full set of digital dental x-rays every two years or so. Children may require x-rays more frequently as their teeth and jaws are still developing. We will also wish to take an x-ray if you come to see us with a particular problem that requires further investigation. For example, if you have a tooth infection or we suspect a tooth may have fractured, an x-ray will show any damage. The information provided by your x-ray is absolutely invaluable. If we think you need a second opinion, our digital dental x-rays can be quickly emailed to a dental specialist. We only ever take digital dental x-rays when necessary.
Has it been a while since you had a set of x-rays? Please get in touch with us here at Avery’s Creek Family Dentistry. Our dentist can give you a proper checkup and will take some x-rays if needed.

Get a quick diagnosis with digital dental x-rays

What Are the Advantages of Digital Dental X-Rays?
Taking an image is very quick and non-invasive way for us to diagnose the problem. This is important, as the sooner we can find out what is wrong, the sooner we can provide the most appropriate treatment. Additionally, having a detailed image of a badly infected tooth for example, enables us to plan your treatment correctly. The planning process will help ensure your appointment proceeds smoothly, is more comfortable for you and ultimately more successful. Root canal treatment is a very good example of where a digital dental x-ray can help tremendously. During root canal treatment, the canals inside your tooth roots need to be thoroughly cleaned out. Knowing the number of root canals and the shapes of the root canals is very useful. It will enable our dentist to clear out the infection more effectively.
Are There Different Types of Digital Dental X-Rays?
There are two main types of dental x-rays as you may need an x-ray taken from the inside of your mouth or an intraoral x-ray. Alternatively we can take your x-ray from the outside of the mouth meaning it is extraoral.
Intraoral X-Rays
You are almost certainly familiar with this treatment as it is the most common kind of x-ray taken by our best dentist. An intraoral x-ray will provide our dentist with lots of detail about the tooth or teeth being imaged. You may need this type of x-ray to check for any signs of cavities, to check the condition of the tooth root as well as bone levels surrounding the tooth. Intraoral x-rays are useful for assessing teeth that are still developing. These are taken at regular intervals to monitor the general health of your teeth and jawbone. Different types of intraoral digital dental x-rays include:
• Bite wing x-rays show the upper and lower teeth in one area of your mouth. Our local dentist will be able to see these teeth down to the bone level. These x-rays are useful for detecting any tooth decay in between your teeth. If you have active gum disease then bite wing x-rays help us check the condition of the bone surrounding your teeth. A bite wing x-ray is useful for checking that a crown fits properly and for assessing the condition of a tooth filling.
• Periapical x-rays show a single tooth in great detail. This allows our dentist to check the condition of the tooth from the crown to the very end of the tooth root. We may suggest this x-ray to check for any abnormalities in your tooth root.
• An occlusal x-ray shows an entire arch of teeth in your upper or lower jaw.
x-ray at dentist.

An x-ray is quick, comfortable and safe

Extraoral X-Rays
An extraoral x-ray will show your teeth, but focuses largely on your jaws and skull. However, these types of x-rays don’t provide the same type of detail found in intraoral x-rays and serve a different purpose. Our local dentist may suggest using these x-rays to check the development of your teeth and jaws for to identify any problems with impacted wisdom teeth. You might also need an extraoral x-ray if our best dentist suspects you have a problem with your jaw joints. These joints are called temporomandibular joints and problems can lead to temporomandibular disorders or TMD. Different types of extraoral digital dental x-rays include:
• Panoramic x-rays. These show your entire mouth in a single image. A panoramic x-ray is taken using a highly specialized machine that moves across your head. This procedure is quick and non-invasive and only very low levels of radiation are emitted.
• A cone beam computed tomography scan or CT scan provides a 3-D image, where the imaging equipment moves around your head. This type of scan produces less radiation than an ordinary CT scan, but levels of radiation are higher in comparison with a normal digital dental x-ray. We only recommend using this type of x-ray under certain circumstances. A CT scan can be very useful when planning specialized treatments like dental implants.  This is because it will show the position of nerves and blood vessels in your jaws, as well as the overall condition of your jawbone.
The minimal risks presented by taking digital dental x-rays are far outweighed by the benefits. Using this advanced technology, we will make sure you get the right treatment when you need it. You will benefit from quicker and smoother diagnoses, enabling us to provide treatment that much sooner.
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Digital dental x-rays are a safe way for a dentist to see areas hidden from view. These images show the contact areas, tooth roots and bone levels around teeth, and are essential for quickly diagnosing problems.

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