Flossing is one of those things that everybody knows they should be doing, but very few people will regularly floss. Our local dentist here at Avery’s Creek Family Dentistry is all too well aware that many patients will only floss before coming in for their dentist appointment. It is always easy for us to tell which patients floss regularly. We know many people struggle with flossing but our dental clinic is here to help. We would love to show you how easy it is to floss properly. Read on to discover just why we’d like you to floss each day.

Why Flossing Matters
Even if you brush your teeth thoroughly, you can’t cover all your tooth surfaces. The contact points in between your teeth cannot be reached by a toothbrush. Initially, this might not seem like such a big deal, but these contact points account for one-third of all your tooth surfaces. Just imagine, if you don’t floss regularly then you’re leaving one-third of your teeth uncleaned. What’s even worse is that plaque and food debris tend to build up and become trapped in between your teeth. It’s absolutely essential to floss regularly. If you fail to floss then you are far more at risk of developing tooth decay in between these contact points your teeth. Your risk of developing gum disease is greatly increased. Just the action of flossing helps to stimulate the gum tissue, ensuring it remains strong and healthy.

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How to Floss Properly
One common mistake many people make is to only use a short length of dental floss. Instead, you need a length of 18 inches. This might seem long, but will provide you with plenty of floss to clean in between each tooth. Begin by winding the floss around your middle fingers. This will allow you to easily manipulate the floss in between your thumb and forefingers. Carefully slide a section of floss in between your teeth, taking it right down to just below the gum line. Hold the floss against the tooth so it forms a C shape. Gently slide the floss up and down several times. This will help ensure you remove the maximum amount of plaque and food particles. Slide the floss upwards to remove it. Wind the floss on around your finger, providing a fresh section for the next tooth.

What If You Can’t Get on with Flossing?
What happens if you cannot get a piece of floss in between your teeth? Our local dentist realizes that some people have such tightly packed teeth that flossing can seem to be impossible. However, it is worth experimenting with different types of dental floss as they do come in different widths. Another option is to try using interdental brushes or soft picks. These also come in a wide variety of sizes and can be ideal for anyone with limited dexterity. They are easy to manipulate and can do an excellent job of cleaning in between your teeth. Yet another option to think about is a water flosser. This uses pressurized water to clean in between your teeth. It can be extremely good for anybody who struggles with conventional floss. It’s also often possible to vary the pressure of the water. This can mean it’s nice for anyone whose gums are a bit tender or delicate.

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How We Can Help You
The main thing is to do something. By cleaning in between your teeth, you are protecting your teeth and gums and there is far less chance that you will develop tooth decay or gum disease. If you do struggle with flossing, please talk to our local dentist. We can talk to you about the best way to clean in between your teeth. Our dental team can also demonstrate how to floss correctly and the different tools to use. There will always be something we can do to help so please just ask. If your teeth really are too tightly packed in too comfortably floss, it might be worth considering affordable braces. By straightening up your teeth with the very latest dental braces, we can correct problems with overcrowding. This can make it easier to floss, improving your dental health.

How Flossing Protects Your General Health
When you floss regularly, you improve your gum health. This, in turn, reduces your chances of developing periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a serious gum infection caused by a buildup of bacteria in your mouth. Apart from causing tooth loss, periodontal disease can affect your general health. This is because it gradually destroys your gums, causing them to bleed. These open wounds allow bacteria in your mouth to get into your bloodstream. Once inside your bloodstream, these bacteria can travel freely around your body. Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease and the bacteria that cause it can create new sites of inflammation throughout your body. This disease has been linked with heart disease, diabetes, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis and some cancers. Your general health is so important so why take any chances?

Get Customized Advice at Your Next Dental Exam
Please don’t forget, we love educating patients. We are always more than happy to give you customized advice when you see us for a dental exam or for a dental cleaning. If you are overdue for a dental appointment, why not give us a call to schedule a visit right now? We would far rather help you prevent dental diseases than have to talk to you about dental services to treat periodontal disease or tooth decay. It will be even worse to have to discuss the possibility of tooth extractions. Please don’t risk your dental or general health because you’re not quite sure how to floss properly as we can offer you some great solutions.

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Flossing and Why it is Vital for Dental and General Health
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Flossing and Why it is Vital for Dental and General Health
Flossing is essential for dental health and will protect your general health. Discover everything you need to know about flossing.
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