A missing tooth is a problem for many people. Even though dental care has improved significantly over the past few decades, tooth loss is still an issue facing many of us. It is estimated that an adult aged between 20 and 64 will have an average of three missing teeth.

Why Replace a Missing Tooth?
There are plenty of reasons why you should seriously think about replacing a missing tooth. A missing tooth can look unsightly, and just as importantly could affect the rest of your natural teeth. Having a large space in between your teeth could affect your speech and may make it tricky to eat. Even if the missing tooth isn’t visible, for example, if it’s right at the back of your mouth, it can still affect your ability to chew food. Losing a tooth can affect the adjacent teeth. This is because they can shift out of position, moving towards the gap. These adjacent teeth may become less stable due to the bone loss that occurs after tooth extractions. Your missing tooth will also affect the opposing teeth, and you could find they begin to drift towards the empty space.

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Reasons for Having a Missing Tooth
There are several different reasons for having a missing tooth and this includes:
•    Tooth decay
•    Tooth infection
•    Periodontal disease
•    Trauma
•    Having a congenitally missing tooth
•    Tooth grinding and clenching
If you have lost one or more teeth, it is important to find a dentist who can offer you suitable treatment. Our local dentist here at Avery’s Creek Family Dentistry can examine your mouth and will discuss the most suitable options with you.

How Can a Missing Tooth Be Replaced?
There are three main choices for replacing one or more missing teeth. This includes:
•    A dental bridge that is fixed onto the adjacent teeth so it is held firmly in place
•    Dentures or false teeth
•    A dental implant is the most modern choice
All three options can work very well in specific situations.

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Choosing a Dental Bridge to Replace a Missing Tooth
A bridge is a very popular option for replacing a missing tooth. This could be a suitable solution if the teeth adjacent to the gap are strong enough to support a replacement tooth. Generally, one tooth either side of the gap will need to be crowned and the crowns are attached to the replacement tooth or teeth. This forms a strong and stable restoration that will allow you to eat and talk normally. The most advanced dental bridges are highly aesthetic and are made entirely from porcelain to look amazingly natural.

Choosing Dentures or False Teeth to Replace the Missing Tooth
False teeth have been used for hundreds of years to fill in the gaps left behind by missing teeth. However, modern dentures are quite different from the false teeth used by previous generations. Nowadays they are custom-designed to ensure they feel comfortable and there is a huge choice of denture teeth. This makes it easy to select the best teeth to give a natural appearance.

Choosing Dental Implants to Replace a Missing Tooth
A dental implant can be a great option for replacing one or more missing teeth. It’s worth considering this treatment if you are interested in finding a long-term solution for tooth loss. This treatment is also extremely versatile. We can use dental implants to restore a single tooth, while multiple implants can support a bridge or even a full denture. Our local dentist can tell you much more about this treatment so why not schedule a consultation?

Preventing Tooth Loss in the Future
While we can artificially replace a missing tooth, we’d always much rather preserve your natural teeth. Our dental clinic focuses on preventative dentistry and we provide every patient with a preventative dental care plan. When you come to see us, we can examine your remaining natural teeth to see if there are any problems requiring treatment. Any early signs of tooth decay can easily be treated, hopefully well before the problem causes you a toothache. Periodontal disease is another major cause of tooth loss, but the early symptoms are completely curable. If you play sports, ask us about custom-made mouthguards. These are designed to offer maximum protection for your teeth and are very comfortable to wear. Tooth grinding and clenching, a condition called bruxism is extremely destructive. Again, this is often easily treated with a custom-made night guard.

Whether you already have a missing tooth or are worried about tooth loss, we can help you.
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Missing Tooth: What to do
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Missing Tooth: What to do
Lots of people are missing at least one tooth. Unless this is a wisdom tooth, it will need replacing and it is important to visit your best dentist to discover the most suitable options.
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